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How an Australian Rotary Club applies for a Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship

Steps to be followed by the proposed host Australian Rotary Club:

Step 1:

Consult the Scholarship Guidelines

Step 2:

Complete the Initial Application

Step 3:

Email or post the completed Initial Application to the Scholarship Committee

Step 4:

You will then be contacted by the Scholarship Committee.


Step 5:

If the Initial Application is approved you will be assisted in completing the Detailed Application including a detailed Itinerary and Budget

Approval of the Initial and/or Detailed Application is subject to the Scholarship Committee’s discretion.


The approval of the Initial Application does not guarantee the approval of the Detailed Application.

Mail to:
Attention: Shirley Kukk
Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship Application
Rotary Club of Essendon Inc
PO Box 237, Niddrie, Victoria, 3042


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