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The goal of the Scholarship is to provide community leaders from developing nations, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region, with practical training and experience in Australia in at least one area consistent with the Rotary Foundation’s Six Areas of Focus. The training and experience gained is to be applied for the benefit of the scholarship recipient’s community and organisation.

The Scholarship: 

The scholarship recipient(s) will spend up to three months in Australia hosted by an Australian Rotary Club (“the host club”). The training and experiences undertaken will benefit the scholarship recipient’s organization, home community and country. Up to three applicants as a team may be eligible to receive one scholarship.


The Scholarship is open to citizens of developing countries, preferably in the Asia Pacific area.

What the Scholarship Provides: 

Up to US$9,700 for training fees, airfares, accommodation, living expenses and internal travel for the duration of the Scholarship. The Scholarship is planned and administered by the host club.  (The Scholarship does not provide remuneration for the recipient)

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